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  • Big Dog - Silver

    Big Dog - Silver Fatboy

  • Dolly Poodle - Charcoal

    Dolly Poodle - Charcoal Fatboy

  • Dolly Poodle - Silver

    Dolly Poodle - Silver Fatboy

  • Edison Petite Lamp

    Edison Petite Lamp Fatboy

  • Rockcocco Chandelier

    Rockcocco Chandelier Fatboy

  • Sonja Medium - Lime

    Sonja Medium - Lime Big Blue

  • Sonja Medium - Orange

    Sonja Medium - Orange Big Blue

  • Sonja Medium - Pink

    Sonja Medium - Pink

  • Sonja Medium - Brown

    Sonja Medium - Brown

  • 004669Sonja Large - Turquoise

    004669Sonja Large - Turquoise

  • Sonja Large - Red

    Sonja Large - Red Big Blue

  • 004669Sonja Large - Stone

    004669Sonja Large - Stone

  • Sonja Large - Pink

    Sonja Large - Pink

  • Sonja Large - Orange

    Sonja Large - Orange

  • Sonja Large - Black

    Sonja Large - Black

  • Sonja Large - Lime

    Sonja Large - Lime Big Blue


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Our Garments are made in SOUTH AFRICA, using South African made fabric, designed and printed by South Africans and made up by more South Africans. The label and range has integrity and originality. Please check for the MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA labels.Big Blue will be supporting loyal customers by introducing a loyalty card.

All the Garments will carry a copyright protected logo. All garments will carry an original label, and a swing tag that verifies the originality of the garment. Also look for the “Made in SOUTH AFRICA” label.We are working very hard to constantly reinvent the look and shapes of the OLKA POLKA range to stay ahead of the counterfeiters. You will see the newer ranges shortly. We are committed to our proudly South African home grown brand, and we are very proud of it. Please support this, by Refrain from buying stolen goods Report to us any retailer stocking these goods.Point out to the wearers of these garments that they are exporting South African jobs by their actions. More Olkapolka!

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