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Copper Cocoon Necklace

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A necklace made with copper wire woven beads, some in a cocoon shape. held together on waxed cord

Weight: 76g
Length: 70cm
Ball sizes: Oval-20mm, Big-30mm and Small-12mm.


The idea for uSisi (which means “sisters” in Zulu) Designs originated during the 1980s in the ethnic “homelands” of the old South Africa – the South Africa of apartheid and forced resettlement areas. The group’s founder, Stella Pretorius, worked with children suffering from disabilities, but found that most were also experiencing severe malnutrition, as their parents could not provide for them. Leaving the healthcare field, she decided to launch a series of income generating activities for these parents; in 2004, uSisi was the latest such project aimed at giving disadvantaged South Africans a means to support themselves and their families.